Federica Caforio

Federica Caforio

Her opinion

  1. What’s your name and where are you from?

    My name is Federica Caforio and I come from Castellana Grotte, a small town in Puglia (Italy).

  2. What did you study before the master?

    I did my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in Bari (Italy).

  3. Why did you choose this master?

    I chose this Master’s degree because the didactic offer corresponded exactly to my interests (applied mathematics to biomedicine) and because of the international and interdisciplinary character of the course. In addition, I was attracted by the excellent reputation of the University of Trento.

  4. What do you consider to be the strong points of the master?

    The Master’s degree provides the students with key competences and skills in different subjects ranging from mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, computational science and physiology, which have vast applications in academia and in the private sector (medical context, pharmaceutical industry, etc.)

  5. What did you like about the masters?

    I really liked the strong interdisciplinary nature of the Master’s degree, the large portfolio and high quality of courses proposed and the broad opportunities of internships and research visits abroad.

  6. What did you do immediately after the master?

    I did an Erasmus+ Post-Graduate Fellowship at WIAS (Berlin, Germany) and then a PhD at Inria Paris-Saclay, France.

  7. What are you doing right now in terms of work?

I am working now as a university assistant with doctorate at the Department of Mathematics and Scientific Computing at the University of Graz (Austria).

  1. Would you recommend the Masters to someone? To whom in particular?

I would strongly recommend the Master’s degree to students interested in widening their expertise in applied mathematics and who are fascinated by biomedical applications, both in the public and in the private sector.